Trade Union Organization

The Primary Trade Union Organization of Brestzhilstroy Utility Unitary Enterprise is a member of the Belarusian Trade Union of Workers in the Construction and Building Materials Industry.

In its work it is guided by the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, the Charter of the Trade Union and the Regulations on the Primary Trade Union Organization.

Elena Rostislavovna Morilova has been elected the Chairman of the Primary Trade Union Organization in April 2015.

The main task of the trade union is to protect the legitimate rights and interests of workers.

Labor, social and economic relations between the employer and the employees of the enterprise are regulated by the collective agreement, which provides additional social guarantees for both working employees and employees who have retired from the enterprise.

As of January 1, 2016, there were 2089 people in the trade union register of the organization. 95% of the company’s employees are members of the trade union.

There are 12 workshop trade union organizations in the structure of the Primary Trade Union Organization of Brestzhilstroy Utility Unitary Enterprise.

The following commissions operate under the Trade Union Committee:

  • Public Committee on Labor Protection.
  • Committee for Work with Youth.
  • Public Committee on Housing Issues.


There are as well:

  • Labor Disputes Committee, which includes representatives of the employer and the Trade Union Committee.
  • Committee for Monitoring the Implementation of the Collective Agreement and Making Additions and Amendments to It also consisting of representatives of the employer and the Trade Union Committee.


Work in the primary organization is carried out on a daily basis and it is connected with the problems of employees at the enterprise.

TRADE UNION – is not only material assistance and cultural and sports events, but a form of joining efforts to work for the establishment of social justice. It is a serious force – the joint activity of many for the sake of a better life for everyone today and a decent life for descendants tomorrow.

11 Gozdetsky Str., office 409, Brest e-mail: (8 0162) 47-91-97

We offer

  • Health resort treatment

Belprofsoyuzkurort Private Health Resort Unitary Enterprise invites everyone to the sanatoriums located on the shores of lakes and rivers, in pine and oak forests of Belarus. Mineral waters and therapeutic mud, electrophototherapy and massage, showers and baths, phytotherapy and sauna, physiotherapy exercises and terrenkurs, climatotherapy will help you restore vitality, relieve physical and psychological fatigue.

Trade union members are given a 25% discount in sanatoriums of Belprofsoyuzkurort Unitary Enterprise.

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