We carry out construction and installation, plumbing, electrical, finishing and other types of works.

Construction and assembly works:

  • preparation;
  • excavation works
  • piling;
  • artificial soil strengthening;
  • arrangement of basements, foundations of buildings and structures on natural soils;
  • trenchless laying of engineering networks and communications;
  • erection of cast-in-situ concrete and reinforced concrete structures;
  • assembly of precast concrete and reinforced concrete structures;
  • installation of metal structures;
  • installation of wooden structures;
  • installation of stone and reinforced stone structures;
  • installation of structures made of polymer composite materials;
  • protection of building structures and equipment;
  • protection of pipelines;
  • installation of insulating coatings;
  • roofing;
  • installation of thermal insulation systems and facades;
  • filling window and door openings;
  • arrangement of floors;
  • landscaping;
  • installation of lifting and transporting equipment.

Contact phone number: 808-34-36; 728-90-99 (Brest), 528-43-20 (Pinsk)

Plumbing works:

  • arrangement of external water supply and sewerage networks;
  • arrangement of internal water supply and sewerage networks;
  • arrangement of external heat supply networks;
  • arrangement of internal heat supply networks;
  • arrangement of internal gas supply networks;
  • installation of ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Contact phone number: 528-43-11 (Brest), 528-43-20 (Pinsk)

Electrical works:

  • arrangement of external networks and power supply lines;
  • arrangement of internal power supply networks;
  • arrangement of low-current networks and systems.

Contact phone number: 528-43-12 (Brest), 528-43-20 (Pinsk)

Finishing works:

  • all types of finishing works.

Contact phone number: 528-43-22 (Brest), 528-43-20 (Pinsk)

Other types of services:

  • performance of the functions of a customer, developer, engineering services in the implementation of activities in the field of construction of facilities of the first – fourth classes of complexity;
  • acting as a general contractor.

Contact phone number: 728-90-99 (Brest), 528-43-20 (Pinsk)

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