Happy Motorist Day!

27 December 2020

Happy Motorist Day!

Every year, on the last Sunday of October, the Republic of Belarus celebrates the day of the motorist. A professional holiday for employees of one of the most important and numerous divisions of KUP Brestzhilstroy. On the eve of Friday, the working day for the workers of the Mechanization Department began with congratulations. With words of gratitude and appreciation for the work from the administration and the primary trade union organization, the workers were presented with souvenirs for the holiday. We sincerely congratulate you, as well as everyone who is related to this wonderful holiday!

Congratulations to everyone who drives,
Happy motorist in the afternoon!
Let it be calm and comfortable
Will drive all of you.

Let the road be smooth,
No nails and no ambushes.
And lying around idle
A jack somewhere far away.

Let the motor purr like a cat,
A fresh breeze is blowing
And the soul sings with happiness
No stress or anxiety!

Deputy General Director Sapeshko D.A. and the working collective of the Mechanization Department

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