IV Environmental action of the KUP “Brestzhilstroy” “For a clean city”

27 December 2020

IV Environmental action of the KUP “Brestzhilstroy” “For a clean city”

On Saturday (10.24.2020) Municipal Unitary Enterprise “Brestzhilstroy” together with the Brest City Inspectorate of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection held the fourth Environmental Action of Municipal Unitary Enterprise “Brestzhilstroy” “For a Clean City”. < / p>
The territory near the Regional Hospital was removed by the youth activists.

As a result of the action, we have collected more than 25 st. A pleasant bonus in gratitude to the participants of the environmental action was a surprise – a flight on an AN-2 plane over the city, organized with the help of the Brest aeroclub DOSAAF.

Participants of the action:

  • Efimovich Vladislav;
  • Morilova Elena;
  • Kosachuk Olga;
  • Bychik Andrey;
  • Yarmoshuk Maria;
  • Lukashevich Irina;
  • Kondratyuk Kirill;
  • Belemuk Olga;
  • Tereshchuk Natalia;
  • Savchuk Natalia.

There are very few things that are definitely right in the world, and one of them is not to litter. < / p>

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