The Council of Veterans headed by Petr Vasilyevich Porkhach actively works at Brestzhilstroy Utility Unitary Enterprise. The Veteran Organization was created to provide social protection, improve the financial situation, household, medical, cultural and other types of services for persons of retirement age or retired due to illness.

More than one hundred and seventy people are registered in the Veteran Organization of Brestzhilstroy Utility Unitary Enterprise. The collective agreement of Brestzhilstroy Utility Unitary Enterprise includes a section dedicated to social protection of veterans of the enterprise, the Great Patriotic War, pensioners, all conditions are created for members of the Veteran Organization to have the opportunity to spend their leisure time actively.

The representatives of the Administration, the Trade Union Committee, the Youth Council on the Day of the Elderly, on the Day of the Disabled, Victory Day, and the Builder’s Day meet with veterans, who are former employees of the enterprise. On the eve of the New Year celebrations, a traditional meeting with veterans and a concert program are organized with the participation of the Trade Union Committee. Veterans of the enterprise take an active part in the annual show of amateur performances.

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Our Veteran Organization celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. On February 10, 2010 it was decided to create a veteran…

27 December 2020
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