27 December 2020


Our Veteran Organization celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.

On February 10, 2010 it was decided to create a veteran organization at the Brestzhilstroy enterprise. It originally consisted of 42 people.

From the very first day, the veteran organization is headed by an honored worker of the enterprise, a person with great work experience, Petr Vasilyevich Porkhach, at the first meeting, the Council of Veterans was elected – these are ideological inspirers, activists who have done a lot of work on the development of the veteran organization during this time.

The primary veteran organization was created with the aim of providing social protection, improving the material situation, household, medical, cultural and other types of services for pensioners, veterans of the enterprise.

Petr Vasilyevich recalls with a smile how the work began. The Veteran Organization of the Moskovsky District of Brest organized seminars, studies for chairmen, meetings for the exchange of experience among enterprises and organizations of the city. And according to the results of the first year, our primary veteran organization has earned its first Diploma! The first, but not the only one, and today the primary veteran organization KUP “Brestzhilstroy” is rightfully considered one of the best in the Moscow region and in the city of Brest.

10 years have passed since then. The ranks of the veteran organization are replenished annually, our employees, who have retired, are happy to join the life of the veteran primary organization, participate in various events and are always happy to meet.

To date, 309 people are registered in the veteran organization of the Brestzhilstroy Municipal Unitary Enterprise, including 14 people living in Pinsk, 76 people in the city of Gantsevichi (these are former employees of the Gantsevichy plant KPD) and 25 people in the city of Kobrin (PU ” Kobrindrev “).

A whole section is devoted to the social protection of the veterans of the enterprise, the Great Patriotic War, pensioners in the collective agreement of the Municipal Unitary Enterprise “Brestzhilstroy”, all conditions have been created for the members of the veteran organization to have the opportunity to actively spend their leisure time.

For 10 years, good traditions of active interaction between the administration, the trade union committee and the veteran organization in the field of creating favorable conditions and the creative development of veterans have been formed.

Meetings of veterans with employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the police, employees of BPS-Sberbank are held. In order to prevent viral diseases, veterans, along with employees of the enterprise, are offered free vaccination.

Representatives of the administration, the trade union committee, the Youth Council on the Day of the Elderly, the Day of the Disabled, the Victory Day, the Day of the Builder meet with the veterans – former employees of the enterprise. On the eve of the celebration of the Day of the Elderly and the New Year, with the participation of the trade union committee, the already traditional meetings with veterans are organized – the organization of a concert program, “New Year’s Light” with the presentation of gifts and the organization of holiday meals, for the New Year veterans receive sweet gifts.

The choir of veterans of the enterprise actively manifests itself, amateur artists delight with their song numbers in concerts taking place on the eve of the Day of the Elderly, and also take an active part in the competition of amateur performances (and for many years in a row they have won the nomination “Best choral collective”, receiving certificates, prizes and valuable gifts).

In 2018, for close interaction, the chairman of the Primary Trade Union Organization and the chairman of the Primary Veteran Organization were awarded diplomas of city associations.
We sincerely congratulate the Veterans of the Brestzhilstroy Municipal Unitary Enterprise on their Jubilee! We wish you endlessly long and happy years filled with health, peace, warmth of friendly communication, sincere care and love of loved ones. May peace and joy live in your hearts and families, and every new day brings only pleasant surprises!

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