Sports life in Brestzhilstroy Utility Unitary Enterprise is formed in accordance with the plan of physical culture and recreation activities agreed with the Trade Union Committee and approved by the General Director of Brestzhilstroy Utility Unitary Enterprise.

The main goal of physical culture and recreation activities is the implementation of the State program of the development of physical culture, sports and tourism in the Republic of Belarus, physical and moral improvement of employees, organization of active recreation for employees, attracting them to participate in mass physical culture and health sports events, exchange of experience in the field of mass physical culture and sports, preservation of sports traditions and connections, selection of the strongest athletes in the industry to participate in the Republican competitions.

The administration of Brestzhilstroy Utility Unitary Enterprise pays great attention to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, the development of physical culture and health and sports mass work at the enterprise, allocates funds to the Trade Union Committee for sports events in the amount of at least 0.15 percent of the payroll. It constantly cares about strengthening the material base, about leisure of employees and provides assistance in the acquisition of sports equipment, allocates funds for the rent of buildings, premises and structures necessary for carrying out physical culture, health-improving and sports work of employees and their families. It morally and materially stimulates employees who are active participants in the social life of the enterprise in accordance with the Regulations on encouraging employees of the enterprise for active participation in sports and recreation activities.

The employees of the enterprise regularly visit a swimming pool and a gym. There are sections for men and women volleyball, football clubs. The enterprise regularly hosts championships in 11 sports.


The company’s teams have won 37 Cups in various sports. Most prizes have been won in football. The Brestzhilstroy Utility Unitary Enterprise’s team became the champion of the Brest region twice: in 2014 and in 2015. In 2013 it became a silver medalist, and in 2014 it won the Brest region cup. In 2014, the team became the champion of the Brest region in futsal in the regional branch Spartakiad. In 2015, it became a silver medalist. In 2014, the Brestzhilstroy’s futsal team won the Ruslan Nigmatullin Cup in Moscow. In the same 2014, the futsal team won 3rd place and bronze medals in the Champions Cup in Moscow. In 2015, the Brestzhilstroy’s futsal team won the silver cup and the 3rd place in the Mosstroy Cup. In 2015, the FC Brestzhilstroy team, as the cup-winner of the Brest region, took part in the competition for the Cup of the Republic of Belarus and reached the last 32, meeting the teams of FC Kletsk 2nd League and FC Krumkachy 1st League of the Championship of the Republic Belarus. In 2014, the volleyball team became the champion of the Brest region in the branch Spartakiad. In 2015, it became a silver medalist. The checkers team of the enterprise is the permanent champion of city and regional competitions. The united team of the enterprise (in 12 sports) won bronze in 2014 and silver in 2015.

All these awards were won thanks to the neat and well-coordinated work of Anatoly Aleksandrovich Sidorchuk, Sports Instructor in Physical Culture, Health-Improving and Recreational Activities, who was repeatedly awarded the honorary titles. The award of the Sports Club of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus, a Badge of Honor for Merits in the Development of Physical Culture and Sports, which was awarded to A.A. Sidorchuk, proves the result of his work as a Sports Instructor.

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