27 December 2020


In the 2020 football championship of the Brest region, the team “Brestzhilstroy” played 18 matches.

FC “Brestzhilstroy” by its persistence achieved the coveted championship and showed tremendous results:

  • 17 out of 18 games ended with a confident victory for our team;
  • 121 goals scored, 18 conceded ;
  • the difference “scored / conceded” was as much as 103 goals!
  • The lead over the silver medalist was 17 points!

There have never been such high indicators in the history of the championship of the Brest region!

Congratulations on your victory. We wish you to win in any fight, in any fight as brightly, beautifully, confidently and with dignity! Let the team have many such holidays and well-deserved awards. We wish you to remain strong people who know exactly what to strive for and how to get success.

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