27 December 2020


May 9 is not only a beautiful spring day, but also an unforgettable, memorable date. There are very few left of those who are directly related to this holiday, whom we personally must now bow at their feet and thank for the peaceful sky above our heads.

May this holiday become a source of pride for everyone, fill the heart with joy, the desire to live and work for the good of the native city and country.

Eternal memory and glory to the heroes who fell in the battles for the Motherland, who have not survived to this day!

Dear and respected our veterans! Thank you for our peaceful life, for our children and grandchildren, for their happiness, for the order and peace that you gave us! Please accept my heartfelt wishes for good health, long life, good health, inextinguishable optimism, positive emotions, joy, kindness, prosperity and a peaceful sky overhead.

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