Well elements

Series of working drawings


Technical specifications

STB 1077-97

Well elements

Manhole rings

Product Dimensions, mm Volume, m³ Weight of 1 piece, t
D (internal), mm D (external), mm Height H, mm
KC 10-9 1000 1160 890 0,26 0,624
КС 15-9 1500 1680 890 0,48 1,152
КС 20-9 2000 2200 890 0,72 1,728
КС 10-6 1000 1160 590 0,16 0,4
КС 10-3 1000 1160 290 0,08 0,198
КС 15-3 1500 1680 290 0,19 0,32

Плиты перекрытия колодцев

Product Dimensions, mm Volume, m³ Weight of 1 piece, t
Length L, mm Width B, mm D (holes), mm Height H, mm
PP 1.25х1.25 1250 1250 550 160 0,20 0,75
PP 1.75х1.75 1750 1750 550 160 0,44 1,10
PP 2.20х2.20 2200 2200 550 160 0,73 1,83

Manhole rings

Product Dimensions, mm Volume, m³ Weight of 1 piece, t
Length L, mm Width B, mm D (holes), mm Height H, mm
PN-10 1250 1250 550 160 0,24 0,6
PN-15 1750 1750 550 160 0,48 1,2
PN-20 2200 2200 550 160 0,77 1,93

Manhole rings are widespread and have a wide range of applications: sewerage, water supply, communication systems, as well as septic tanks, country wells, inspection wells for gas pipelines and much more. The ring of this marking is the main element for wells installation due to the convenient ratio of the internal diameter and height. Among other things, rings are used for the construction of tunnels designed for power grids, telephone cables. Strict adherence to all manufacturing technologies makes reinforced concrete rings from Brestzhilstroy Utility Unitary Enterprise one of the highest quality concrete products.

Intermediate well slab (1.25х1.25) is designed for one-meter manhole ring 10-9.

Use of slabs
Intermediate well slabs are used for arrangement of precast concrete products, such as sewerage, drinking, gas distribution and other well systems. These products meet all requirements of standards, as they belong to the group of “critical” elements.

Well bottom slab 10 is a square reinforced concrete element designed to create a well bottom. Well bottom slab 10 has a size of 1.25×1.25 meters, and is designed for the one-meter ring 10-9.

Concrete hatch is a reinforced concrete product, the cheapest option is to cover the hole in an intermediate slab or a well neck. It may well be moved or pushed back by an adult, because its weight does not exceed 50 kg. It is not of much value for recycling. It is used as a temporary hatch during the construction of a facility until final improvement or as a permanent hatch if no special aesthetics is required. It is important to keep in mind that a concrete hatch will not protect your well from precipitation, because it is not installed hermetically. Therefore, if you install a concrete hatch as permanent, then it is advisable to place it at least 30 cm above the ground surface.

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