Stair flights

Series of working drawings


Technical specifications

STB 1169-99

Stair flights
Product Dimensions, mm Volume, m³ Weight of 1 piece, t
Length L, mm Width B, mm Height H, mm
SF5 (ЛМ18.18.7-5) 1800 1800 710 0,64 1,6
SF7 (ЛМ25.18.10-5) 2520 1800 950 0,9 2,25
SF9 (ЛМ32.18.12-5) 3240 1800 1190 1,17 2,93
SF11 (ЛМ40.18.14-5) 3960 1800 1430 1,43 3,58
SF13 (ЛМ49.18.17-5) 4680 1800 1790 1,7 4,25

Stair flight is an integral part of the staircase, which is a continuous series of steps and load-bearing beams. Reinforced concrete stair flights are used in the construction of large-panel civil buildings and auxiliary structures of industrial enterprises, as well as frame-panel buildings for various purposes. The production and construction of reinforced concrete stair flights is strictly regulated by existing standards. The number of steps in a reinforced concrete stair flight varies from 5 to 11.

The stair flight of the SFHP type is ribbed with half-platforms, 5,820 mm long, 1,200 mm wide, 1650 mm high, intended for load of 4.7 kPa.

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