Elements of elevator shafts

Elements of elevator shafts
Series of working drawings

Technical specifications

Elements of elevator shafts
Product Dimensions, mm Volume, m³ Weight of 1 piece, t
Length L, mm Width B, mm Height H, mm
ESU28.19.10-63 2790 1940 1020 1,13 2,83
ESM28.19.28-63 2790 1940 2780 2,63 6,57
ESPS28.19.14-63 2790 1940 1400 2,38 5,95

Elevator construction is an essential element of any professional development, be it a multi-storeyed residential building or a multi-level hotel. In order to realize the function of transporting people and goods of different weights, reinforced concrete elevator shafts are used. The use of an elevator shaft is relevant not only for the transfer of passengers between the floors of a building, but also for moving various goods (freight elevators).

Depending on the purpose, design and arrangement of products along the height of the elevator shaft, products are divided into the following types:

  • ESU — upper block of the elevator shaft;
  • ESM — middle block of the elevator shaft;
  • ESPS — lower block of the elevator shaft, combined with the pit slab;

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