Road and airfield slabs

Road and airfield slabs
Series of working drawings

3.503.1-91 v.1

Technical specifications

STB 1071

Road and airfield slabs
Product Dimensions, mm Volume, m³ Weight of 1 piece, t
Length L, mm Width B, mm Height H, mm
AS 14V 6000 2000 140 1,68 4,2
SRS-AV 6000 2000 140 1,68 4,2

The main area of use of airfield slabs 14V ​​is the construction of airfield roads, runways, take-off and landing areas. In addition, airfield slabs 14V are widely used in road construction, especially for laying road sections that are subject to increased loads of high-tonnage vehicles. They are often used in temporary roads construction and transport routes rapid construction in remote areas, industrial sites and access roads construction. They are widely used in port sites and facilities construction, as well as military training grounds. Today airfield slabs 14V are widely used for arranging warehouse and other industrial areas.

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