Production center of Brestzhilstroy Utility Unitary Enterprise

The plant’s capacity is 150 thousand m² of the total area of ​​residential buildings per year. It consists of molding workshops No. 1 and No. 2, reinforcement, concrete-mixing sections, a landfill, a warehouse for finished products and auxiliary divisions (Plant Maintenance Department, Materials Supply Service, Technological Department, Chief Mechanical Engineer Department, Technical Control Department, Chief Power Engineer Department, Transport and Household Area, Plant Laboratory).

The large-panel house-building plant employs over 700 people.

Main types of manufactured products:

  • prefabricated reinforced concrete structures and products for construction of panel houses of the 90M Br series;
  • reinforced concrete, concrete products (foundation blocks, piles, wall rings, intermediate slabs of rings, arches, spread footings, stressed road slabs, airfield slabs, concrete mixtures, mortars, metal structures, reinforcement)
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