27 December 2020


On January 26, the city stage of the Republican trade union competition of creativity of labor collectives “NEW NAMES OF BELARUS-2016” took place in the Palace of Culture of Trade Unions.

The current competition was launched as a continuation of the first vocal project of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus in 2015 “New voices for a beloved country!”

One of the main features of the second season is the new format. As before, only members of trade unions participate in the competition. At the same time, the “New Names of Belarus” no longer has any restrictions: neither age nor creative, and the competition itself is held in two nominations: “Stage Creativity” and “Fine and Applied Arts” under the motto “Creating – create”.

Representatives of 13 organizations of the city took part in the competition. The competition was held in two nominations: fine and decorative arts; stage creativity. Two representatives of our organization took part in the nomination fine and decorative-applied arts:

  • Maria Khmel presented the confectionery “Fantasy” to the jury.
  • Lyudmila Moroshchuk presented exhibits made in the Sweet-design technique.

The creative team of the Brestzhilstroy Municipal Unitary Enterprise took part in the nomination of stage creativity, consisting of: Sergey Kosachuk, Roman Zhmailik, Andrey Melnikov, Alexander Yavdosyuk, Ruslan Horovets, Anastasia Berchuk, Yana Butskevich, Olga Runets, Sergey Gerasimuk.

The team prepared a fairy tale about builders, which ended with a flash mob to the song “I, you, he, she”. It was a positive, dynamic, bright number. Based on the results of the competitive program, the jury members had to choose only three winners who would then represent the city at the regional stage.)

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