27 December 2020


From 15 to 17 July 2016, a large-scale tourist rally organized by the regional committee of construction workers and the building materials industry took place on the shores of Lake Gat, Baranovichi district.

The opening of the tourist rally took place on July 16 with the welcoming speech of the chairman of the regional committee Sergey Vladimirovich Siroch. More than 100 people came to the rally, representing 6 teams: OJSC Spetsavtomatika, OJSC Stroytrest No. 25, KUP Brestzhilstroy, OJSC Berezastroymaterialy, RUPE Granit and the team of the regional committee of the trade union of construction workers and building materials. Competitions were held in various nominations, including hiking technique, water tourism technique, orienteering (day and night), bicycle tourism technique, as well as tourism song and lifestyle competitions. Out of competition, there were competitions in pneumatic shooting among men and women, beach volleyball, knotting. Romance was enough – songs by the fire, tents, wonderful nature, fresh air …

As a result of three days of competition, the team of the Brestzhilstroy KUP returned with impressive awards:

First places – boating technology and beach volleyball;

Second Places – Hiking Technique, Knotting and Women’s Shooting;

Third places – orienteering, cycling tourism technology (also in the individual classification Natalia Grishkevich took 3rd place in cycling tourism technology), everyday life competition.

According to the results of all competitive tests, the Brestzhilstroy KUP team took the 3rd overall team place, which has not happened for many years! Line-up:

Arnolbik Tatiana, Berchuk Anastasia, Butskevich Yana, Gerasimuk Sergey, Grishkevich Natalya, Dedok Alexander, Drenyuk Tatiana, Zasimovich Sergey, Klimchuk Anton, Kozhanenko Anna, Koshelyuk Vitaly, Muravskaya Anna, Pateychuk Vladimir, Pashkevich Anna, Tyulyish Polyachkovich , Tyushkevich Victor, Chizh Igor.

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